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Saturday, November 14, 2009

British Comedy

As an American Country Western Star once said, “I like it, I love it, I want some more of it.” But now I am wondering if that statement really fits me. I mean I still love reading Douglas Adams, (even his non-fiction is hilarious.) I still enjoy a rerun of Are You Being Served and Absolutely Fabulous. While watching the new series of Top Gear I find myself rolling on the ground laughing my fat... well lets just say I truly enjoy watching it.

But, I find myself at odds with the new British invasion. Namely Russell Brand, the man who described himself as resembling "an S&M Willy Wonka” A man with such a uniquely different point of view and style, of well, everything!?!

At first glance I think he is an exhibitionist and for the most part I despise these types of people. This is partially because it is plain annoying to all, but mostly because most of the time they are far more successful than myself. I tried to hire my own paparazzi - it's really not as easy as one would think. After dwelling on my disinterest in Mr. Brand I found myself focusing on another point, which I find unacceptable. His delivery! This is where I lose most people, because he follows a style not uncommon in British Comedy. But I believe there is a difference and the idea came to me while talking to a coworker today about his license plate (another story for another day) – The idea pertains to the crafty art of being subtly obscene.

I have to say that British Comedy is absolutely brilliant at this. The way puns are delivered with a straight face in a suit and tie. The way the line smoothly rolls off the tongue and you’re given only enough time to catch your breath and then another far more spectacular line is heaved at you with clock like precision.

Mr. Brand lacks this skill. He has the point of view. He has the topics. He has a look – I leave that alone. NO I WILL NOT! He has ruined the look. Stomped on it smeared mud and mascara all over it and called it – Good, and it is just not… Good! But more than that, he needs to work on his delivery, will he work on it? No! Why? Because! Mr. Brand is trying to reinvent the, “knickers waving on the flag pole.”

I would like to say good bye to Mr. Brand, but I’m afraid the whole population of the world has lost their minds and he is the new favored British Comedy invasion.

And as a talking ape once said “Oh shit their goes the planet!”

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